Changing a fingerprint reader for the Etempus time control application

The A.P. company had acquired and installed, 6 months ago, a registration system using a fingerprint device, they installed the fingerprint reader at the entrance of the warehouse so that the workers could carry out the marking when entering and leaving work.

Problems with the signing system with the fingerprint reader

We asked the person in charge of reviewing and controlling the workers’ schedules to show us the markings of any of the workers from the last month.

This may be the request made by a labor inspector in the event that they want to review our marking system.

When requesting the lists, the problems of the marking system that they had, “textual citations“:

  • sometimes they do the marking, but the fingerprint reader does not pick it up
  • sometimes they do not remember to mark
  • the program to review the markings is not intuitive but rather complicated

Conclusions of the current time control system

The company had invested money and time in installing the system, in training the person in charge of the control and the workers in its use, but the system was not working.

Another misconception that we could see is the idea that it is the workers who have to carry out the marking, but it is the company’s obligation to control that they are done in order to present them when required by an inspector.

Etempus Start Day

Proposed solution for time control and worker management

At this point we present the Etempus application for the time control of workers, with Etempus we achieve the main objectives that any application must have:

  • Employees are the ones who mark the entry and exit times
  • The person in charge of the control has the tools to carry it out in an intuitive way and without wasting time from their work
  • We obtain a monthly report of the hours performed by each of the workers.

Implementation of the Etempus time control application

After making the presentation, the A.P. company returned its fingerprint control system and contracted the services of the Etempus application, with which they are currently working to control schedules, work calendars, and project management.