Use the application from the mobile or computer

To use the application from your computer, tabletor other device, access the website:


To use the application on a mobilefollow the steps below to download the application:


Download application on mobile

You have the ETEMPUS application available for both Android and IOS.

Click on the icon according to your mobile model to go directly to the download.


Download ETEMPUS at Android from Google Play


Download ETEMPUS at Iphone from App Store

Start application and verify your data

1.- To start the session you must enter your ID and the password provided.
etempus login screen
2.- Once you have started the session, click on your name in the menu to verify your data.
etempus header menu
etempus mobile menu
3.- Verify your data, “email” where you want to receive notifications
etempus user data
4.- Modify your access code.
5.- Verify your assigned day
scheduled day etempus

Contact if you have any questions

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