Register day with pin code

How to start the day using a PIN code

If in your company, the workers start and end the day in the same location, you have the possibility of registering the day using a 4-digit Pin code.

You only have to install a device with an Internet connection, for example, a Tablet, and ask us to create the personalized access page for your company.

You can define workers with the PIN access system and workers with access through their mobile phone.

Workers defined with access by Pin, will be able to access either with their Pin or with their mobile.

Enable access with PIN code

To enable access with a Pin code, you only have to access the employee’s file, enter the access Pin code, and indicate in the drop-down that YES you can access with a Pin.

The worker can change his PIN access code, from his own file.

acceso con pin registro de jornada Etempus eng

Link to home page with PIN

You must ask us to create the access page with a personalized Pin code for your company.

In this link you can see an example –> PIN acces page

iniciar jornada con teclado tablet Etempus