Etempus time control software

Time control and employee management application

Control the hours worked by your employees and comply with the law with the easiest to use time control app.

Time control software functionalities

Etempus is not only a time control software but also incorporates many more features that make it easier for managers to manage workers.


  • 24/7 access from anywhere
  • Geolocated transfer detection system
  • Instant notifications and alerts
  • Employee portal to request vacations, events, receive alerts and more
  • Bag and overtime management
  • Add Work parts
  • Work for projects
  • Management and sending of news

Employee time control from anywhere and from any device.

Registration of the day from anywhere to promote teleworking and self-management of time.

Access through any device with Internet connection.

Control of hours for project.

Allocate hours to specific projects or tasks for teams that work remotely.

Downloadable reports of time spent by project

Etempus Start Day

Supervision of time control effortlessly.

With time control software, those responsible will be able to keep track effortlessly, spending very little time per month to comply with the law and manage employee data.

Time control reports with legal validity.

All the information you need to carry out day-to-day activities and carry out internal audits.


  • Record of inputs and outputs with incidents and comments
  • Differences between expected shift and actual shift
  • Reports by individual and by department
  • Historical and planned schedules

It complies with the time control law.

Everything you need to avoid sanctions and ensure compliance with time control regulations:


  • Reports and official lists for the Labor Inspection
  • Monthly statements required by law for 4 years
  • Monthly overtime report available to worker representatives


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