Employee time record with PIN code

Today I want to introduce you to another of the features of the Etempus application.

With this functionality, your workers can start and end their day using a corporate device with an Internet connection, such as a Tablet.

This Tablet can be installed at the entrance of offices, warehouses, factories, etc. and allows workers to make their time records without having to use their personal mobile.

Characteristics of the day registration screen?

  • We will design a personalized screen with the logo of your company to be able to access it.
  • Within the application you can define which employees can access by means of a 4-digit pin code.
  • By enabling access with a pin code to the worker, they will be able to continue accessing from their mobile phone if they wish.

Advantages of using pin code access

With this functionality we manage to facilitate the marking of the schedule to the workers who always access the same workplace.

By having the marking equipment located in a transit area, we improve worker marking ratios.

El trabajador no tiene que tener instalada la aplicación en su móvil para realizar los marcajes.

Example of a login screen

iniciar jornada con teclado tablet Etempus esp